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Where to find fabric

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Fabric shopping is total minefield, and I often get asked where to buy from.

There is an incredible amount of choice but it can be tricky to know where to start. As with anything, your budget and your style is going to play a massive part on your final purchase, so I have listed below a few of my favourite “go to” suppliers to suit everyones wallet and taste.

If you need any help with samples or working out fabric quantities please feel free to drop me an email.

Charlotte offers an eclectic style of pattern and colour, inspired by her childhood and travels. She’s a definite must for an Instagram follow for tours around her fabulous barn conversion home and adorable dachunds!

Sarah offers a soft palette of florals, delicate pattern and the most stunning linen. Another great follow not only for her fabrics but also her foodie creations and gorgeous garden. Sign up to her newsletter too, I look forward to reading it every weekend over breakfast!

Zoe is the queen of printing, I feel inspired to grab so Lino when I see her prints...she really makes it look easy!

Isabel is the most fabulous artist, all her designs are hand drawn or painted then created in to the most detailed and colourful patterns. If you’re a lover of butterflies, mushrooms, leaves,dragonflies...anything nature inspired, you will LOVE her designs!

Large Fabric Companies

If you’re looking for checks and stripes, look no further than Ian Mankin. Excellent quality and great prices.

Here you will find fabrics from Romo, Villa Nova, Black Edition,Mark Alexander, Kirkby Design and Zinc.

Here you will find fabrics from Studio G, Clarke & Clarke, Scion, Anthology, Zoffany, Harlequin, Sanderson and Morris & Co.


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