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Curtain Price Guides

Curtain pricing is calculated per drop of fabric. To work out how many drops you will need firstly measure the length of your pole, excluding the finials (the balls/fancy pretty bits on the end of the pole!)

Then multiply by either 2 for a taped heading, or 2.5 for a hand pleated heading.

Then divide by 137. 137 is the standard width of fabric.

Each width of fabric includes lining and/or interlining where stated.

We use a preshrunk interlining so it is not affected by underfloor heating.

The lining we use is a heavy weight ivory cotton.

The below prices do not include your chosen face fabric.

Eg. For a pair of lined and interlined curtains with a hand pleated heading

Pole 150 x 2.5 = 375

375 / 137 = 2.7

Round up to 3

3 drops x £130 = £390

Sill length - price per drop

Up to 250cm - price per drop

Hand Pleat Heading

Lined & Interlined



Lined only



Taped Heading

Lined & Interlined



Lined only




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