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Top Tips for winter blinds and curtains

Updated: Aug 20, 2021

Should we be changing our curtains with the seasons? According to many of the interior designers we work with, the answer is YES!

The idea of having a different set of curtains for summer and winter may sound like a lot of effort, but just as we change our wardrobe, our interiors take on many changes across the year. It makes sense that we can enjoy lighter, sheer and summery blinds in the summer and luxurious, heavier curtains in the winter.

Winter calls for potentially darker and thicker fabrics, with an interlining (it has thermal qualities), that hold in the heat and create a cosy interior. With long, dark evenings from September to well into February, we want to feel 'hugge' in our homes for as long as possible. Interiors can totally transform our mood and sense of wellbeing and curtains or blinds are a key element of any room, often setting the colour scheme and style of a space.

What is the difference between bump, domette and sarille interlining?

You might have heard of bump or domette interlining - these are cotton based and consequently provide a much softer drape. They can also be preshrunk and are available in varying weights and thicknesses.

Sarille linings are synthetic, sturdy and resistant to shrinkage which can be a good option for roman blinds.

If you have underfloor heating or radiators beneath your windows, it's worth considering preshrunk interlinings so that your treatments don't shrink!

Watch this short introduction to find out exactly what you'll be learning on the course!


What's included?

Starter kit - Face fabric, lining, interlining, weights, buckram and hooks Calculations sheet - print out/download my step-by-step template with easy equations to calculate fabric quantities, and pleats and spaces for the perfect fit Sew-a-long videos filmed in “real time” so no fast forwarding or skipping steps Life time access to videos Join the Harris & Rose Facebook forum to share your projects with your fellow students



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