Roman Blind Making Course

By Harris & Rose

Learn how to make a hand-sewn, interlined roman blind.


The course is separated into 6 manageable chapters so you can easily pick up where you left off, or if you have time, you can do it all in one sitting. 


All the videos are in “real time” so we will be sewing along together. 


I will be sharing hints and tips with you along the way to help you achieve a really professional finish, and most importantly, a full understanding of how to make a roman blind, to give you the confidence to make another one!

with integrated rod pockets and no visible stitch lines on a chain operated, child-safe headrail.


"Easy to follow with it's broken down chapters, ever for a complete beginner.  I have never made anything like this before and it feels like a huge accomplishment during this time - it has been such a brilliant way to switch off.

Sophie guides you through all the steps, also giving great hints and tips along the way.

I am so proud of my finished blind and honestly didn't think I could make such a professional-looking blind"

"This course has been brilliant and very well guided"



This course includes:



One chain operated headrail with a choice of nine chain colours.

2 Metre Interlining

2 Metre Lining

Brass Rings



You will also receive lifetime access to the course including six video chapters, prompt sheets and spacings "cheat sheet" and membership to the Harris & Rose Forum for all your questions and suggestions.

Please note:

To complete this course, your blind must be no bigger than 125cm wide x 180cm drop.


Each lesson will begin with a slideshow presentation outlining the contents of the chapter and what equipment you will need.


This is followed by a sew-a-long video.  I will be making a blind too and recording it in real-time, including plenty of close-ups and detailed instructions.

At the end of each lesson, you can download a prompt sheet, so when you go on to make more blinds, you have a quick reference guide to remind you what to do next.


To complete the course, your blind must be no bigger than 125cm wide x 180cm drop.

You will need

  • A Sewing Machine

  • 2 metres of your chosen fabric

All other materials are included in this course.

"It was so simple to follow and the instructions were really clear"


"I've finished my blind this afternoon and I just want to say how enjoyable I've found the course.  It was so simple to follow and the instructions were really clear.

Overall, I've loved making the blind and I can't wait to get started on others for the house!!"


What else

will I need?


In addition to your starter kit, you will need...


It is not essential but we highly recommend that you purchase a quilting ruler too.  This is probably the most used piece of equipment here at Harris & Rose!

Visit our online store to purchase yours


2 Metres of your chosen face fabric.

A sewing machine with a straight stitch.



Come and join me in my workshop, from the comfort of your own home!

and get started on making your house a home.