NEW! Curtain Making Course

By Harris & Rose

Learn to make hand sewn, interlined, pinch pleat curtains.


We will make a sample sized curtain together throughout the course so you can learn all the skills you need to make your actual curtains. 


By making a sample you will have a full understanding of the process and have the confidence to set your scissors on that big roll of fabric!

Learn how to 


Calculate fabric quantities, including pattern repeats

My easy method to join fabrics

Easy measuring guide

How to calculate pleats and spaces for the perfect fit

Join the course at any time and start whenever you are ready, this is a self paced course.

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What's included?

Starter kit - Face fabric, lining, interlining, weights, buckram and hooks


Calculations sheet - print out/download my step-by-step template with easy equations to calculate fabric quantities, and pleats and spaces for the perfect fit


Sew-a-long videos filmed in “real time” so no fast forwarding or skipping steps


Life time access to videos


Join the Harris & Rose Facebook forum to share your projects with your fellow students

"You couldn't possibly get more beginner than me, I last used a sewing machine at school 20+ years ago - I also thought an online course could be frustrating for someone very inexperienced, however I needn't have worried!"


"It felt like Sophie was in my kitchen making the blind with me and every stage was incredibly clear - I am delighted not only with my blind but also, in buying the course, I have invested in a new skill I can continue to use both for my own home and possibly even for others too."


Each lesson will begin with a key presentation outlining the contents of the chapter and what equipment you will need.


This is followed by a sew-a-long video. We will each make a sample curtain at the same time, I will provide plenty of instructions and close-ups. There is no need to watch the videos in advance, sew along with me!

At the end of each lesson, you can download a prompt sheet, so when you go on to make more blinds, you have a quick reference guide to remind you what to do next.

Chapter 1 | Measure and Calculate

  • Easy measuring guide
  • How to calculate fabric quantities

Chapter 2 | Prepare

  • Cutting out materials
  • How to prepare each layer of the curtain

Chapter 3 | Make up

  • Add interlining
  • How to get the perfect mitred corner
  • Add weights to the corners
  • Learn all the stitches required

Chapter 4 | Heading

  • Insert buckram (stiffener) to the top of the curtain
  • Understand the construction of a hand pleated curtain
  • Learn how to put in the pleats ie. triple pleat, double pleat and cartridge pleat

Chapter 5 | Pleats and Spaces

  • Learn my equation for calculating pleats and spaces for the perfect fit

Chapter 6 | Alternative headings & demo

  • Learn what other headings you can make now you know how to make handsewn curtains
  • Alteration tips and tricks
  • How to calculate fabrics with a pattern repeat
  • How to join widths of fabric together
  • Tips and tricks for making large curtains
  • How to hang and dress curtains

We are LOVING these curtains fitted at t

What else
do I need?


In addition to your starter kit, you will need...


It is not essential but we highly recommend that you purchase a quilting ruler too. This is probably my most used piece of equipment!

Visit our online store to purchase yours


A sewing machine with a straight stitch.

Basic sewing kit - fabric scissors, needle & threads, pins




I think I'm terrible at sewing, will I manage the course?

If you have the inclination to learn then absolutely yes! The course has been put together so it’s easy to follow, there are lots of close ups and verbal instructions too. I will be making the curtain at the same time so it feels so though you’re in the workshop with me. Whilst you’re waiting for your kit to arrive, practise threading your needle and you’ll be away in no time!

How long do I have to complete the course and how long does it take?

You have life time access to all the course content. In total the course is around 5 hours; this is divided in to 6 chapters so you can easily pick up where you left off.

If I get stuck can I contact you for help?

The course has been tried and tested to make it as watertight as possible, so hopefully you won’t have any questions! Once you enroll on the course you will become a member of the Harris & Rose forum where you can chat with myself and other students and also share pictures of your finished blind.

Do I need a special sewing maching?

No! All you need is straight stitch to sew the rods pockets in to your lining and attach the Velcro, there is no need to rush out and buy anything fancy or expensive. The remainder of the blind is done by hand sewing.

Come and join me in my workshop, from the comfort of your own home!

and get started on making your house a home.