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Roman Blind Price Guide

The below formula is used widely across the industry which is great as it regulates the playing field of how much to charge for our time and skill in making the perfect roman blind.  It also ensures that my pricing is consistent as sizes vary drastically.

First off you need to decide if your blind is going inside or outside the recess.

Then you need to take some measurements, do not over complicate this step!

If your blind is going inside the window, measure inside the recess top, middle and bottom.

Take the smallest measurement and subtract 1 cm for ease. This is your WIDTH measurement.

Measure the drop left, right and centre. The largest measurement is your DROP measurement.

For a blind outside the recess, I recommend measuring either the width of the window sill, or adding up to 10cm either side of the recess.

For the drop I measure around half way between the ceiling and top of the recess, down to either the sill, or just below it. This is personal preference, and may be dictated by the position of your window and what is around it.

Once you have established the width and the drop, follow this simple equation to calculate the making price of your blind. The minimum charge is £75.

Width x Drop

Divide by 900

X 9

Next add on the cost for linings and a headrail.

Lining & Interlining - £11/m

Headrails - From £60

As standard I interline all my roman blinds as it gives a lovely drape and a thicker blind which helps with heat loss.

You may want your blind blackout lined.  I add this in as an additional layer, instead of replacing the outer cotton lining to avoid having hundreds of needle holes in the lining along the rod pockets.

With headrails you definitely get what you pay for!  I use a premium quality headrail which has a smooth and quiet mechanism, easy to install brackets that can be wall or ceiling fixed, and comes with a choice of chain colours.  The chain colour can complement your fabric or match your window furniture.

If you’re looking for new roman blinds, have a quick measure and price up using this guide to help you.  If you have any questions or would like to be added to my order book please do get in touch.


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