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Dressing curtains

Updated: Feb 19, 2021

Dressing curtains? What do you mean? This has nothing to do with the Von-Trapps however I have nothing against making your clothes out of gawdy fabrics (I am in fact in the process of making some rather garish culottes but more on that another day!).

When making hand pleated curtains it is essential to dress the curtains in to their folds and leave them lightly bandaged for a few days. Fabric has a wonderful memory (both a blessing and a curse!) but when handled correctly your curtains will hang perfectly in their pleats and stack back neatly, making your room feel elegant as well as letting in as much natural light as possible.

Below you will find a video of me dressing a curtain, I actually really enjoy this end process, and it’s a great for getting some squats in!!


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