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As standard all our roman blinds are hand-sewn with the best quality lining and interlining to keep the folds soft and give the best finish.  Our hand-sewn method means there are no stitch lines across the blind which can be unsightly.  We also integrate the rod pockets in to the lining so your blinds look just as smart from the outside.


We make our blinds with "cascade" folds, this helps protect the fabric from the sun and gives a fuller, more luxurious look, however if you prefer a flat stack for a more sleek look we can do this too.

We have a choice of 9 different chain colours too, perfect for matching to your window furniture, wall colour or fabric, and your chain can either be on the left or right hand side.

Roman blinds can provide a minimal and elegant window dressing, or can be enhanced with trims and borders to make a real statement.

Where possible we recommend fixing roman blinds outside of the window recess as they block out less natural light when up and also make the window appear bigger.